The Town Plan is a 5 year visioning/planning tool developed by the Planning Commission with the assistance of Town Officials and residents.  The Town Plan is used to prioritize, plan and implement Town projects (e.g. regulations, policies, ordinances, studies and services).


2015 Town Plan


2015 Implementation Plan (sortable)

Map1 Road Map

Map 2 Geologic Features
Map 3 Biodiversity
Map 4 Soil On-Site Septic Capability
Map 5 Water Resources, Wetlands and Floodplains
Map 6 Transportation Improvements
Map 7 Community Facilities, Utilities & Conserved Lands
Map 8 Current Zoning
Map 9 Future Land Use
Map 9A Future Land Use (Town Center Area – Proposed Form Based Zoning Transects)
Map 10 Contiguous Forest Habitat & Wildlife Crossings