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The Town of Westford is/are considering making application to the State of Vermont for a VCDP Planning
Grant 2020 under the Vermont Community Development Program. A public hearing will be held at 07:00 PM on
8/27/2020 at 1713 Vermont Route 128 Westford, VT 05494 via Zoom to obtain the views of citizens on community development, to furnish
information concerning the amount of funds available and the range of community development activities that
may be undertaken under this program, the impact to any historic and archaeological resources that may be
affected by the proposed project, and to give affected citizens the opportunity to examine the proposed
statement of projected use of these funds.

To join the Zoom Meeting click: Or dial by phone: +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 889 2291 4164
Passcode: fnPZR0

The proposal is to apply for $60,000 in VCDP funds which will be used to accomplish the following activities:
planning and pre-development work at 1705 VT Route 128. This work will include soil testing, survey work, and
the development of a site plan for redevelopment.

Copies of the proposed application are available at Town of Westford Town Office and may be requested
by email ( or viewed during public office hours upon appointment due to
COVID-19. Should you require any special accommodations, please contact Nanette Rogers at
802-878-4587 or to ensure appropriate accommodations are made. For the
hearing impaired please call (TTY) #1-800-253-0191.

~Legislative Body for the Town of Westford
Dated July 27, 2020

Copy submitted by: Melissa Manka
Phone: 8028784587

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Effective July 1, 2020, per Act 148, food scraps are banned from landfills.  Additionally, the Selectboard recently chose to not include the collection of food scraps in the contract with Myers.  This means that residents will need to either compost food scraps or bring them to one of the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) drop off centers.


What are food scraps?
Food scraps are parts of food that are typically discarded rather than eaten:  peels, rinds, cores, eggshells, seeds, pits, bones, shells, coffee grounds and filters, loose-leaf tea, and fats/oils/grease.  Food scraps is also food that was eaten but not finished:  “plate scraps” or leftovers that went bad.  Any type of food can become food scraps including bread, pasta, soup, vegetables, fruit, sauces, meat, fish, dairy, sweets, etc.


What should I do with meat and bones?
If you compost in your yard, the law allows you to put meat and bones in the trash so they don’t attract animals to your composting bin. If you chose to bring food scraps to a drop-off center, you can include meat and bones with the rest of your food scraps.


CSWD has an abundance of information on their website including answers to questions, ways to reduce waste and how to compost to name a few.  Please go to or call them at 872-8111 to get more information.

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The Town of Westford currently accepts postmarks (USPS, UPS & FedEx) for tax payments.  Given the electronic age we are in, the Town occasionally receives checks directly from financial institutions after a taxpayer initiates the payment.  This type of payment may be known as Bill Pay.

These payments are mailed to the Town directly from the financial institution however the envelope does not bear a postmark.  Effective July 1, 2015 the Town of Westford will acknowledge this type of payment based on the date the payment is received at the Town Office.

The Town highly recommends that if you remit payment using this method, you contact your financial institution to determine the appropriate lead time to ensure your tax payment is timely.