The Town Plan is a 8 year visioning/planning tool developed by the Planning Commission with the assistance of Town Officials and residents.  The Town Plan is used to prioritize, plan and implement Town projects (e.g. regulations, policies, ordinances, studies and services).

2021 Town Plan

2021 Implementation Plan

Map 1 Base Map
Map 2 Geologic Features
Map 3 Biodiversity
Map 4 Soil On-Site Septic Capability
Map 5 Water Resources Wetland & Floodplains
Map 6 Transportation Improvements
Map 7 Community Facilities Utilities & Protected Lands
Map 8 Current Zoning Districts
Map 8a Current Zoning Transects & Designations
Map 9 Future Zoning Districts
Map 9a Future Zoning Transects & Designations
Map 10 Forest Blocks & Wildlife Crossings
Map 11 Solar Energy Resource Areas
Map 12 Wind Energy Resource Areas
Map 13 Existing Renewable Energy

CCRPC Resolution – Town Plan, Planning Process & Enhanced Energy Plan Approval

Please feel free to contact Melissa Manka, Town Planner, at with specific questions, concerns, etc.