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The burn permit system is working.  The decision for the system to be open or closed is made on a daily basis by the Fire Warden.





IMPORTANT:  If your fire escapes call 9-1-1




  1. This permit is valid only for the place and time stated.  
  2. This permit in no way relieves the person to whom it is granted from any liability related to the fire or any damages it might cause.
  3. The person setting the fire must at all times have sufficient help and tools present to control the fire.
  4. Only natural wood materials may be burned under this permit.  Other materials require an Air Pollution permit as well as this permit.
  5. The fire must not be left unattended until it is entirely extinguished.
  6. Restricted materials cannot be used to ignite natural wood materials.
  7. Any special conditions written on this permit are to be considered as part of “conditions to burn”.
  8. If any permit condition is not followed, then the permit is immediately invalid and you will be burning illegally.
  9. Violation of the conditions of this permit may result in the permittee receiving a “Vermont Fire Prevention Ticket” which will result in court action and a fine for each day of violation.

If you do not understand the law or have further questions, contact Dennis Angiono – Westford Town Forest Warden at 879-1231 before you burn. 

This permit may be cancelled for cause at any time.



TITLE 24: Conservation and Development


§ 2645. Open burning; permits

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person shall not kindle or authorize another to kindle a fire in the open air for the purpose of burning brush, weeds, grass or rubbish of any kind except where there is snow on the site, without first obtaining permission from the fire warden or deputy warden of the town, stating when and where such fire may be kindled. Whenever such permission is granted, such warden, within 12 hours, shall issue a written permit for record purposes stating when and where such fire may be kindled. Permission shall not be required for the kindling of a fire in a location which is 200 feet or more from any woodland, timberland or field containing dry grass or other inflammable plant material contiguous to woodland. With the written approval of the secretary, during periods of extreme fire hazard, the commissioner may notify town fire wardens that for a specified period no burning permits shall be issued. The wardens shall issue no permits during the specified period.

(b) Whenever the commissioner deems that the public safety of any town or portion of a town of this state does not require the protection provided by this section, he may cause the town fire warden of any such town to post notices to that effect in not less than five conspicuous places in such town.

(c) The provisions of this section will not apply:

(1) To areas posted in accordance with subsection (b) of this section;

(2) To fires built in stone arches at state recreational areas;

(3) To fires built in special containers used for burning brush, waste, grass or rubbish when conditions are deemed satisfactory to the town fire warden; or

(4) To areas within cities or villages maintaining a fire department. (Added 1977, No. 253 (Adj. Sess.), § 1.)

State of Vermont – Division of Forestry Burning Permits and Regulations