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Dave Tilton (876-7263)

Allison Weinhagen (777-2667)

Nanette Rogers, Town Administrator (878-4587)
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Upcoming Agenda
2017-06-07 Notice of Public Hearing
2017-04-12 Special Meeting Agenda
2017-04-13 Agenda (Revised)
2017-04-13 Agenda

2017 Selectboard Minutes
2016 Selectboard Minutes
2015 Selectboard Minutes
2014 Selectboard Minutes


Notice of Sale of Municipal Real Estate – Spiller Lot


Concept Proposals for Westford School District Properties
Concept Proposals for Westford School Properties 06_01_2016
Concept 1 Map – School Dist Retains Parcels 1 and 2
Concept 2 Map – BLA of Parcel 2 and Parcel 3
Concept 3 Map – School Dist Retains Parcel 1


2016-2017 Budget Information
2016 Town Meeting Presentation
2016-17 Expense Budget
2016-17 Revenue Budget
2015 Annual Selectboard Report


Capital Budget
Capital Budget Public Hearing Notice
Capital Budget Narrative FY18-22
Capital Budget FY18 – FY22


Town Financial Audits
To view professional audits of the Town of Westford’s financial records please click here.