Tax Payment Written Incorrectly Policy

In order to provide guidance for processing timely but incorrectly written property tax payment checks, the following will become effective upon approval by the Selectboard.

  • This policy applies only to tax payments received on or before the due date. The Town will make a good faith effort to contact the taxpayer and notify them of the defect. 
  • An incorrectly written property tax check is defined as the written amount does not agree with the numerical amount.
  • Incorrectly written checks will be given a 5-day grace period (excluding weekends) to cure the defect in the payment.
  • Corrected payments in the drop box by 8:30 AM on the 6th day (or next business day if the 6th day falls on a weekend or holiday) will also be considered as timely.
  • Checks not received after the 5-day grace period will be subject to interest and penalties (except as noted above).
  • The grace period does not extend to tax payments received after the due date.
  • If the defect is not cured by the taxpayer after grace period has expired the town will process the check based on the written amount (per banking practices).

Approved by the Selectboard on March 31, 2022.