Town Wide Reappraisal

The Town of Westford has contracted with NEMRC (New England Municipal Resource Center) to do a town wide reappraisal of all property in Westford for the 2025 Grand List.  The purpose of the town wide reappraisal is to update all property data and calculate Fair Market Values reflected as of 4/1/2025.  This will be a two-year project.  NEMRC staff will begin their field work in mid-September 2023. For more information click here.

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Tax Payment Written Incorrectly Policy

In order to provide guidance for processing timely but incorrectly written property tax payment checks, the following will become effective upon approval by the Selectboard. This policy applies only to tax payments received on or before the due date. The Town will make a good faith effort to contact the taxpayer and notify them of the defect. An incorrectly written property tax check is defined as the written amount does not agree with the numerical amount.Incorrectly written checks will be given a 5-day grace period (excluding weekends) to cure the defect in the payment.Corrected payments in the drop box by 8:30 AM on the 6th day (or next business day if the 6th day falls on a weekend or holiday) will also be considered as timely.Checks not received after the 5-day grace period will be subject to interest and penalties (except as noted above).The grace period does not extend to tax…

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Timely Tax Payment Policy (Mailed Payments)

Updated July 1, 2023: This policy has been updated to include ALL envelopes that do not bear a postmark (USPS, UPS & FedEx).  If you mail your tax payment and the envelope does not bear a postmark, the Town will acknowledge receipt of your tax payment the day it is received at the Town Office. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 22, 2015 (original post): The Town of Westford accepts postmarks (USPS, UPS & FedEx) for tax payments.  Given the electronic age we are in, the Town occasionally receives checks directly from financial institutions after a taxpayer initiates the payment.  This type of payment may be known as Bill Pay. These payments are mailed to the Town directly from the financial institution however the envelope does not bear a postmark.  Effective July 1, 2015 the Town of Westford will acknowledge this type of payment based on the date the payment is received at the…

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