Dog Warden – vacant

If you have a concern about the Dog Ordinance or want to file a complaint, please contact a member of the Selectboard.

Allison Hope (777-2667)

Julia Andrews (324-9273)

Bill Cleary (879-0393)


Westford Dog Ordinance


Are You Interested in Being the Dog Warden?

The Town of Westford is looking for someone who is interested in serving as Dog Warden. What is a Dog Warden you ask? A Dog Warden is a person who helps dog owners comply with the Westford Dog Ordinance. What qualifications are needed? A love for dogs, the ability to communicate effectively and a location to bring dogs until they can be reunited with their owner to name a few. You may think you need a kennel to be a Dog Warden. This is not the case. However, a stray dog does need to be kept in a healthy environment until it is reunited with its owner. A healthy environment includes shelter, food, water, and a suitable area for them to relieve themselves.

The Dog Warden position receives an annual stipend of $500 and there are funds available for training, supplies and mileage. The Town also has a dog house that can be utilized. If you would like more information on helping your community by serving in this position, please contact the Town Office at 878-4587 or Westford residency is preferred but not required.