Brick Meeting House Society of Westford

Mission of Purpose

The Brick Meeting House Society of Westford (BMHS) is organized for the purpose of restoring the historic 1822 former Brick Meeting House on the town common in Westford as a multi-use, public community center.  The committee’s purpose is to plan for building improvements, assist in the building’s renovation, and manage the use of the renovated building as a community center.  The BMHS is comprised of members of the community, including representatives of several nongovernmental community groups that intend to use the building.


We are an independent, incorporated entity and have arranged a long-term lease of the building (5 terms of 20 years) with the United Church of Westford.  Community organizations represented on our committee include: the Westford Historical Society, the United Church of Westford, the Westford Seniors, the Fairfax Community Theatre Company, and the Westford Recreation Committee.


Space is available for each group to store their records and pertinent oprating materials, space to gather as activities demand, and space to organize fundraising activities such as community suppers, dances, and performing arts presentations.  The building is also available for rent by members of the community for private, compatible gatherings.