Thank you so much for your dedication to your community and for participating and contributing your ideas and energy to the “Westford’s Future” Community Visit process. We are excited to announce that the Westford’s Future Reports are available! You can pick up a paper copy at the Town Office or Public Library and digital copies can be found here:

Westford’s Future  – Report & Action Plan (Nov 2019)


The Report includes the input and thinking each step of the way as community members chose priorities for action as well as resource team member recommendations and contact information, and the work plan that each task force group built at their first meeting. The report is also a wonderful compilation of assets and ideas from a large number of residents. Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) hopes it will be a useful tool to the task force groups as they continue their work, and serve as a rallying point for other initiatives that will drive community and economic revitalization over time.

At this point in the process, VCRD steps back as the community begins the exciting process of turning the ideas into action.  Local task force chairs are good contacts for information about getting involved and/or for task force updates.  Task force chairs can be reached by email:


Improve Traffic Safety, Walk-ability, and Bike-ability Task Force  – Pat Haller (

Boost Local Business and Economic Development and Improve Broadband and Cell Connectivity Task Force   – Mark Drapa (

Advance the Arts, Community Events, and Communications Task Force – Eric Ford (, Julia Andrews (, Tara Pereira (